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CYBELE AGROCARE is a young company, motivated by success and innovation. We offer a unique range of fertilizers made from living microorganisms.

CYBELE AGROCARE is a growing organization, and we’re convinced that biotechnology is the best and most innovative way to secure a sustainable environment. This is the mindset that pushes CYBELE AGROCARE to grow, expand and succeed.

For our employees, innovation, problem-solving and solution development are always the highest priorities. Their expertise and experience are a cornerstone of our relations with both partners and clients.

We’re seeking new talent. We want people who are internationally minded and who share our positive corporate culture, oriented towards customer satisfaction, team spirit, a drive to ever-higher performance and a sense of responsibility.

We may not know you yet, but if you share our ambition, come and join us!

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To apply to one of the offers listed on this page or as a spontaneous candidate, please use the dedicated form below and fill in the “Job Title” field properly. Either with a valid current job offer name or by writing “spontaneous candidate”.

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