Industrial fermentation

 A corporate mindset

Experience and expertise, producing innovative solutions

Proxis Développement Group has a very marked industrial culture. It goes hand in hand with our dynamic approach to innovation and deep understanding of fermentation processes.

By selecting, cultivating and formulating standardized microorganism-based products for over 20 years at our site in Noyant (Maine-et-Loire), the Group (via its subsidiaries Bioprox and Naturatech) invests in the development of key products for industrial food processors, agricultural product manufacturers and water treatment facilities.

This was fertile soil for Cybèle Agrocare, which then grew and dedicated itself to developing microorganisms for agricultural supply groups.

R&D and Codevelopment

Identifying (PGPR) and documenting potentially beneficial microorganisms:

  • Selecting and developing specific strains from our database or through joint partnerships
  • Improving processes (ensuring their reliability, efficacy and stability)
  • Wielding the skills of a passionate research team

Regulatory issues

We help clients, adapting microorganism-based products to the regulations governing their release onto the market:

  • Approval files (market authorization)
  • Studying analyses and field tests alongside agricultural companies, ensuring that the micro-organisms are fully compliant

Production process

Production management that allows us to produce high-performance, stable inoculants in industrial quantities:

  • Processes:  Fermentation, separation, freeze-drying, formulations
  • Microorganism stability and reproducibility
  • Quality control prior to mass production