Industrial performance

 Productivity, Quality, Safety 

Only the highest standards for our customers

Located in Maine-et-Loire (France), CYBELE AGROCARE production facility boasts a high-performance production plant.

The company has invested massively in our cutting-edge equipment, guaranteeing the best possible production capacity. Thanks to our production capacity and full control of the fermentation, centrifuging, freeze-drying and formulation processes, Cybèle Agrocare has the power to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

With a highly competitive production facility, we can guarantee maximum industrial performance.


  • MLF (capacity ranging from 1 liter to 20 m3)
  • Centrifugal juice concentration
  • Freeze-drying (capacity ranging from 12 to 38 m2)
  • Formulation (solid, liquid)
  • Packaging


Quality and safety

  • Application of all current regulations
  • Agronomic products with full market authorization
  • A site with ISO Quality Insurance 9001:2008, ISO Quality Insurance 22000: 2005, Kosher, Halal and FDA certification
  • Quality control for each batch, traceability for every strains and ferments we dispatch
  • Reliable shipping times