Agronomy for agriculture

Side by side, on the road to success

Customized support

CYBELE AGROCARE is expert in microbial soil ecology. We can identify, isolate and provide microbial agents to agricultural companies which comply with all the requirements for market authorization, meeting the toughest criteria for sustainable agriculture.

At CYBELE AGROCARE, we offer our clients the advice and support they need to implement sustainable agriculture solutions, ensuring that they remain profitable while helping to preserve the environment.

Tests under controlled conditions

Validating the performance and effectiveness of our microorganisms

Agronomic trials

Using field tests to validate the performance and effectiveness of our microorganisms.

Providing support and product positioning for industrial groups


  • Enhancing their own product ranges by offering reliable, innovative products
  • Improving their product performance and their market value
  • Ensuring that they stand out from the crowd

Training for sales teams

Ensuring that they know exactly how to promote the latest solutions from Cybèle Agrocare

 (sales team training, direct action, marketing).